Friday, August 18, 2017
Our Commitment to Safety

These days, safety is acknowledged by most any contractor. Successful contractors must realize safety is a real bottom line issue; it's no different than equipment or material costs, overhead or bond costs. Furthermore there is the real human cost of safety. When a contractor takes care of its people, the benefits are more than just bottom line.

Southwest’s commitment to safety is reflected in the extensive resources utilized in carrying out the safety program. Every project manager, superintendent and foreman has a safety manual. This manual reflects the years of experience of the management team and includes 124 pages of detailed instructions.

Topics include tool box safety meetings, jobsite emergency procedures, accident investigation, first aid, personal protective equipment, hazard communication program, confined space policies, fall protection, assured grounding, lifts and scaffolding, and most important to electricians- lockout/tagout procedures.

2010 AGC Safety Award
for Outstanding Achievement In Construction Jobsite Safety.

SWECS employees attend
a safety meeting at LOCC
   Other resources include:
  • On-staff. OSHA certified safety inspector, answerable directly to the general manager
  • Considerable expenditure for tools 
  • Proper safety equipment
  • Direct managerial involvement in all projects

No safety program can be effective without rewards and consequences. In this regard Southwest has a monthly company wide safety meeting. Here safety awards are handed out and achievements acknowledged. Further the entire company has the incentive of one day added to every employee’s vacation fund for every quarter recorded without an accident. On the consequence side, superintendents meter out discipline for infractions in a stepped program spelled out clearly in the employee handbook. The purpose of this discipline is to quickly bring an employee into compliance with company safety goals.

To assist the general contractors, facility managers and building owners, we...
  • Can furnish a job specific or situation specific safety plan
  • Carry workman’s compensation insurance through Texas Mutual and its AGC membership discount.
  • Keep a full set of MSDS sheets and required postings at all jobsites. The required posted OSHA 300 log is kept  posted at the main office.
Southwest looks forward to partnering with you on your next project and to
reaching our goal of zero accidents, and zero injuries.
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